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Whether you are a public utility company, cooperative, local authority or project developer, using our services for your wind and photovoltaic project is worth it. We will only advise you once we have thoroughly familiarised ourselves with your ideas. We work together to create the corresponding service packages – from individual services up to the total package. Just as you wish.

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We are an internationally engaged renewable energy service provider that can accompany you through your project safely and dependably. Standardised processes and excellent quality ensure professional project development and realisation. Your consultant will support you for as long as you wish. He or she has a clear overview and a secure hand on the reins.

… for your project's success

Benefit from our free initial consultation. Find out how you can lead your wind farm project to success.

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“Our work is characterised by long-term experience with sophisticated projects and close cooperation with local partners.”

Annett Rötschke, Head of Corporate Cooperation

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