Projects off the peg? Not with us. Every customer and every wind or photovoltaic system is different. Local and cultural conditions are different from region to region and country to country. The VSB Group maintains a local presence with its project companies and knows all about the local challenges.

VSB will accompany you through every stage of your wind or solar project: from the initial idea, planning and realisation to operational management and repowering. Would you like your project to progress without tying up too many of your capacities? With VSB, all of the services can be provided to you as a complete package. Or perhaps you would prefer to use individual services? Take advantage of the offer that suits you best. 

VSB services to order Individual services or all-inclusive?

Every project is as unique as you are, and suits your specific wishes. We are prepared for this, and we offer services that match your requirements. Make an appointment for a free initial consultation. This will clarify some important aspects ahead of time.

A breath of fresh air for new energy Turnkey ready: your wind turbine

VSB will accompany you from the initial idea to repowering. We are an experienced partner who will bring your project to successful completion, even connection with exceptional challenges.

The sun can do more than provide heat Photovoltaic facilities are generating electricity throughout Europe

Ever more photovoltaic systems are generating ever more clean electricity. Benefit from VSB's experience for your project.

Let your property work for you

Do you own a piece of land and would you like to optimise the yield from it ? We offer attractive and fair lease contracts for your property . Double your benefit, for example by combining…

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Two decades of wind power and solar energy for europe

So far, VSB has installed 868 megawatts' worth of clean generation facilities from environmentally-friendly wind energy and photovoltaic systems in Europe.


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