VSB as an employer

Utilise your
natural resources for
renewable energies

The VSB Group provides services throughout Europe. Our employees develop the best solutions for our clients and joint venture partners, thereby contributing to a sustainable future.

As an employer, we are looking for people who enjoy thinking freely and openly about the future, who are dedicated and have a healthy  appetite for curiosity. We support our employees in their individual professional  improvement and in developing their strengths. Our dealings with  each another are  governed by esteem and respect. The pioneering spirit that permeates our company comes with openness  for new ideas. It offers you plenty of leeway and makes us attractive for the best qualified employees.

Shaping the future – our own and that of our environment

Sustainable and continuous growth in the innovative business sector of renewable energy – that is what the VSB Group has represented for 20 years.

We take our cue from the possibilities associated with  resource-saving energy generation, which we then realise with a farsighted  and high quality awareness.

We earn the trust of our business partners and staff every day through  reliability, fairness and integrity.

Important aspects for our staff at VSB

  • A focus on sustainable objectives
  • Challenging tasks
  • Varied opportunities for individual advancement
  • Openness to people and ideas
  • Open and respectful interaction
  • Compatibility of family and work
  • Commensurate compensation

Challenging tasks await you at our head office in Dresden and our international locations - along with people who are committed to promoting green energy, just as you are. Champion clean energy and a life-enhancing environment.

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