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Working student programme at VSB –
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Dive into sustainable tasks

We invite you to dive into practical experience as part of your university studies. Which areas do you feel a special affinity with? What interests you the most? As a working student, you will be able to familiarise yourself with many different facets of our company, to try your hand at various tasks and to find out about the options realistically available to you  at VSB.

Interested? We suggest that you apply as a working student.

What Elisabeth Schütze has to say about her experience as a working student at VSB:

Elisabeth Schütze supports our product developers with their daily work in the planning department. She creates calculation tables, helps process permit applications and communicates closely with other departments in the process. Her favourite pastimes include exercising, going bouldering, running and handicrafts.

  • Elisabeth, how did you find out about VSB at university?

    I am doing a Masters Course in Spatial Development and Natural Resources Management. I saw the VSB presentation at a recruiting event, and ended up in a nice conversation with someone from the personnel department. Then I just sent in my application folder and everything happened really quickly.

  • How useful for your studies is your job at VSB ?

    The work at VSB gives me practical insights into the industry. I can practically apply the theoretical knowledge I have learned  and also gain some initial professional experience this way. I feel like my studies, which are sometimes not so exciting, become much more alive. You can see how a company works and learn to adjust to the circumstances.

  • What does sustainability mean to you, and how do you integrate it into your everyday life?

    For me, sustainability means living your life in such a way that the following generations will also have the chance to enjoy a good life. In practice, that means I do not own so much technology, and if something is broken I try to repair it first. If possible  I try to  buy things second-hand, and with food, I try to buy only as much as I really need.  

  • Why would you recommend VSB to other students?

    My work provides me with very good insights into the company’s workflows, and I am able to collaborate on projects independently. I really love this independence and the great working atmosphere. And in the evening there are also regular climbing sessions with colleagues where we end the evening together.

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