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VSB is successful in Germany as well as in Europe. We are proud of that, and we are looking forward to the  future we are helping to shape – together with our employees, who play a decisive part in our business success. Because most of all, it is their innovative spirit, qualification and satisfaction that make VSB strong.

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Corinna Funke applied for a job at VSB at the recommendation of a former colleague. These days she manages national and international events as a marketing specialist graphic and design, and develops advertising media and print products for the Group.

What Corinna Funke has to say about her employer VSB

  • VSB supports the continuing education of every single employee. In what shape or form have you been able to benefit from this?

    I attended an extra occupational Masters degree course in corporate communications for two years. VSB supported my studies with a fixed subsidy and gave me very flexible working hours. On days without lectures, I was able to work from my home office in the city where I study, saving a lot of travel time. This has enabled me to successfully complete my Masters degree course without interrupting my professional life.

  • What positive experiences do you associate with VSB?

    What I like most of all is the informal ambience. I have struck up a number of friendships with colleagues by now, and I really love going to work. I also appreciate the many staff events, such as the annual summer party and Christmas party. And playing volleyball together also strengthens the team and promotes good teamwork.

  • What do you particularly enjoy about your work at VSB?

    I have a highly varied job and get new projects all the time - from organising the opening of a local wind farm to international trade fairs and events. I plan things and then get direct feedback about the event or product. I also work with different departments of all kinds in the company. That way I learn new things all the time.

  • What do you do in your time off?

    I keep myself busy. I volunteer with various clubs and social projects in my hometown. I also support the Juniors in the Marketing Club Dresden and help them organize events. I spend most weekends at the stadium with my football club, where I am actively involved as a fan ambassador, and root for my team every week.

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