Apprenticeship with freshness factor

Wind and sun – are what we wish you

What are your strengths? How do you imagine your career? We are eager to meet you! In your apprenticeship, you will be furthering renewable energy  with your own energy while discovering your own individual talents. Do you feel like going on a personal journey of discovery at VSB?

Then come and train at a company where the sun is shining and a fresh breeze is always blowing.

"I started my training at VSB Holding GmbH as an industrial management assistant in August 2014. I was able to work my way through most of the company's departments in the first two years of my three-year course. I have already gained many interesting insights into my colleagues’ work areas in the financial accounting, marketing and personnel departments, as well as in project development. I can already perform most of the required tasks independently, and I am encouraged to contribute my own suggestions. My colleagues energetically support me in implementing these, and they support my personal interests and ideas."

Rebecca Jopp has to say about her apprenticeship at VSB.

energy for you